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Full-stack developer experienced in designing and building web applications and APIs in JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Node, Python, and PHP.




…is a web-based single-page reader app for viewing collections of verse, like books of songs and poems. It offers rapid navigation, page display customization, intuitive search and find features, and good accessibility. (February 2023)

Built with: React, TypeScript, React Router (with form-based loaders and actions), custom HTML elements, IndexedDB, CSS/SCSS, XML (XML Schema, XPath).

Pokémon Finder:

…is a proof of concept for a dynamic browser-based reporting application for analysing data from the popular video game Pokémon. (March 2019)

Built with: React, TypeScript, a GraphQL API based on the open source PokéAPI project, Apollo-GraphQL, Redux, Python, Docker.


Georgian College of Applied Arts and Technology

Diploma in Graphic Design Production
Barrie, Ontario, May 2018


Carpenter at Marttinen Finish Carpentry

Barrie, Ontario, July 2017–August 2022

Custom finish carpentry with a focus on excellent quality and attention to detail.

Core contributor for PokéAPI:


PokéAPI is an open source REST API for Pokémon data. I re-built the website, fielded support requests and helped transition the former dynamically-served REST API to the current static API.

JavaScript, React, Python, Django, Firebase, Docker.

Software Programmer at Port of Wilmington

Wilmington, Delaware, March 2015–May 2016

Created applications for use by internal staff and outside customers using PHP, Symfony Framework, Oracle SQL, HTML/CSS, and JavaScript:

Facilities Generalist for The City of Barrie

(March 2014–March 2015)

Cleaned two public buildings and handled minor repairs.

Carpenter at Marttinen Finish Carpentry

Barrie, Ontario, 2010–2014